Focal KIT ISREN130 Component Kit130mm for Renault, Dacia


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Controlled design

From the Inside range, this kit allows you to find the true acoustic pleasure when listening to your favorite songs in each of your trips. Enjoy a meticulous construction and perfectly mastered and experience a sound dynamic and neutral, with excellent spatialization.

This kit includes a reverse dome tweeter treated aluminum, a woven fiberglass membrane insensitive to moisture, not to mention a Butyle suspension with excellent durability.

French quality

For over 35 years,…

Kit 2 separate ways – Renault vehicle
Neodymium motor: low installation and ease of installation
Integrated chassis terminal block: compact and discreet
ABS chassis: non-magnetic rigid chassis and very compact
Butyl Suspension: excellent durability
Woofer: 130 mm
Coil diameter: 32 mm
Coil height: 10.5 mm
Max power : 100W
Power name. : 50W RMS
Made in France design

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