Alpine PDP-E800DSP 8-Channel Digital DSP Amplifier


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Alpine introduces the all-new PDP-E800DSP Digital DSP amplifier. This amazing all-in-one solution allows sound upgrading for virtually any vehicle with its incredible versatility and connectivity options.

Featuring 6 input channels (both pre-amp and speaker level), as well as up to 8 fully configurable output channels allow for a very wide range of system applications and flexibility. Tune your sound with a professional 240-band Parametric EQ, 8 channel digital time correction, as well as a 8 channel…



6CH analog input for highly flexible system integration
RCA (Low Level) (10kΩ): 0.5 to 4V (rms)
Speaker Line (High Level) (22Ω): 2 to 18V (rms)
1 digital TOSLINK/SPDIF input
Up to 8 speaker outputs with high power rating
110dB signal-to-noise ratio (digital input)
Channel separation > 75dB
USB Device input for DSP setup by PC
Wireless connection with separate module (amp setup) for PC only, or wireless audio streaming (smart phone or PC))
Class-D amplifier with fully digital audio path
ADCs by Burr Brown
Remote app for iOS and Android with basic control functions (Master level, Sub level, Preset recall, source selection)
Pre-amp output (copy from channel 8, for external subwoofer amp)

Full digital audio path
High output power capability
Total power 700 Watt RMS into 4Ω
100 Watt per channel into 4Ω
120 Watt per channel into 2Ω
200 Watt into 2Ω (two paralleled channels)
Advanced diagnostics for each output channels (short circuit, overheat, clipping)
Start-Stop Engine compatible
Load Capability: ≥2Ω
Paralleled output supported

Analog Devices DSP (ADAU1452)
Up to 8 speaker outputs with independent adjustable output level
Independent or linkable setups for all output channels
Delay on each channel up to 13.53ms, 0.01msec steps
30-band Graphic Equalizer per channel with configurable frequency, Q (from 1 up to 15) and Gain (-30dB /+10dB)
Digital X-Over for each channel (HP, LP, BP) 6/12/18/24dB/30dB, type of filter (Butterworth, Bessel, Chebyshev, Linkwitz-Riley) selectable
Phase Inversion (0°,180°)
Master Volume (0 to 42dB)
Sub control (0 to 15dB)
Possibility to save/load up to 6 presets on DSP
External Preset toggling (Preset #6)
Settings can be secured by certificates
Free adjustable analog routing (example: channel mixing for center channel or 3-way input signal)
EQ ON/OFF possible (for each channel)
Delay grouping for easier TCR adjustment (up to 4 groups possible)
TCR ON/OFF for each channel possible
TCR help calculation for beginners
Overview page for all settings
Live monitor (for battery voltage and amp temperature)
Turn ON by signal, DC bias or wire
Alpine RUX-KNOB2 ready (master volume or sub level)
Additional gain on digital input (+6, +9dB). For matching analog/digital source levels.