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Advantages of GPS/GLONASS-270:
Maximal reliability. GPS and GLONASS sattelite connection
Perfect for hidden installation,without intrusion to the interior design, Unit is very small – just 50х25х6,7 mm – and can be installed in any place with best reception. For example unit can be installed in the windshield pillars
Stable reception is ensured by Swiss made integrated circuit U-blox UC530M with built in antenna. U-blox is a leading company in the field of automotive navigation and electronics
Simplicity and convinience – nothing to setup. Unit connects via TP-BUS and power channel, and is immediately ready for work. After connecting GPS/GLONASS, voice menu and application will be automatically reconfigured and geolocation will be activated.
Easy to install – 3 meter harness with connector comes in box with the unit